WATCH: Neymar Tries To Play Baseball, Is Not Good At It

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In what is becoming an annual summer tradition, a foreign soccer star has come to the US to play in a high-profile tournament and/or friendly and sought to assuage the locals by participating in their sacred ritual known as “baseball.”

Neymar is in the US with his Brazilian compatriots while they prepare for the start of the Copa América this weekend. (He won’t be playing at the Copa but is getting some extra training in with the national team before heading to his home country for the Olympics.) The Barcelona forward took time out from training yesterday to see what all the fuss with the wooden bats and hot dogs was about and swung by Citi Field in New York as the Mets took on the Chicago White Sox.

While there he met the team— hitting it off with Yoenis Cespedes in particular— and took some swings in the batting cages.

And for good measure Neymar tried to juggle a baseball, because why not.

Brazil’s Copa campaign kicks off on Saturday when they face Ecuador at the Rose Bowl. Neymar will presumably be off investigating hockey.

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