Thomas Muller: Bayern Munich's Dribbling King or Ronaldo Mimicker?

Soccer Video Bayern Munich
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Thomas Muller is renowned for many things, including winning World Cups, scoring fantastic goals, and making Dante cry when remembering that 7-1 thrashing at the 2014 World Cup. One thing he isn’t as well known for is his dribbling ability, though that may soon change.

Muller, who has played at least five distinct positions for Bayern Munich this season, is already seen as a versatile player. This showing, however, might have defenders further quaking in their boots when the 25-year-old takes up a position in their general vicinity.

In addition, the clip also demonstrates that Muller might have a potential second career doing impressions, since it does seem as though this display might be intended to slightly mock the style and technique of a certain Cristiano Ronaldo.