Augsburg Goalkeeper Marwin Hitz Scores a Dramatic Equalizer in the Bundesliga

Soccer Video Bundesliga
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You know what’s great? Goalkeeper goals.

This one from Marwin Hitz is spectacular. With Augsburg trailing well into stoppage time, Hitz comes up for a late corner. The initial attempt on goal is blocked and cleared, but Augsburg’s German-American Shawn Parker collects the ball outside the box for another bite of the cherry.

Parker puts in the second cross, and the ball pings around the box before finding Hitz, who is lingering at the near post. Hitz manages to flick it into the net before his counterpart knew what was happening, salvaging a point for Augsburg to hold on to fifth place in the Bundesliga.

Goalkeeper goals are sort of like those screaming goat videos. We don’t know why we love them so much. We just do.