Clint Dempsey Talks Soccer with Dave Letterman

Soccer Video Clint Dempsey
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With great finishing ability comes great responsibility. And that’s why U.S. Men’s National Team captain Clint Dempsey was on the The Late Show with Dave Letterman Wednesday night, talking about the U.S.’s World Cup run, Deuce’s career, and soccer in general.

Being on The Late Show is a high pressure situation, and Deuce handled it beautifully. Where as I might have leaned across the desk and strangled Dave for asking why it’s so hard to score when the goals are so big, or maybe just lectured the old fellow on the intricacies of defending, Deuce gives the perfect talk show answer: “I guess ‘cus you got goalies like Tim Howard in there.”

Mr. Dempsey, sir, I salute you.