Ellie From Stranger Things Geeked Out Over Her Custom Liverpool Kit

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In the interests of full disclosure, I should say that I am both a Liverpool supporter and a huge fan of Stranger Things, the Netflix Original Series that serves up a thrilling pastiche of 80s horror movies. Which made it impossible to resist writing about this.

12-year-old British actress Millie Bobby Brown, who portrayed the mysterious superpowered young girl Ellie, posted a pair of selfies on her Twitter account yesterday showing off her custom Liverpool shirt, courtesy of the club.

In an interview posted on the club’s website, Brown said her father and brother are longtime supporters and that, through them, she also came under the spell of Jürgen Klopp’s Mighty Reds.

She also said she watches her club play on TV every chance she gets— even when she’s in the US for work and has to get up at 4am. (She knows The Struggle.) She said her favorite player is Philippe Coutinho, even though her shirt bears Roberto Firmino’s number (which, if you watch the show, the reason will be apparent).

When asked how she would use her Stranger Things character’s supernatural powers to help her team, she had a ready answer:

”I’d want them to communicate. I’d want to share my power with each of them and then if one person got hurt, they could go onto the pitch and heal them with my other power. That’s what I’d do.”

Brown says that she has yet to take in a game at Anfield, owing to a combination of her work schedule and tickets being particularly hard to come by (even with the increased capacity thanks to the new and improved Main Stand). I have a feeling, though, that the club could work something out in the not-too-distant future so Brown could see her team up close. Maybe she could even get a Klopp Hug.