WATCH: Wales Players Celebrating England's Loss To Iceland

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The Wales squad at Euro 2016 followed the Round of 16 clash between England and Iceland very closely, with the team seemingly unanimous in their rooting interests. And it wasn’t for their neighbors.

Once the final whistle blew, the Welsh players started celebrating as if they had won a trophy. Yelling, hugging, dancing, the whole nine. No champagne, sadly.

The team has caught some flak for their celebration after the video filtered out to the press. Defender Chris Gunter attempted to smooth over any hurt feelings, saying it was not meant to show disrespect to their English compatriots.

”I think it’s fantastic for the tournament that another smaller nation have progressed through; another team that were probably written off before a ball was kicked. But it certainly wasn’t meant [as] a lack of respect. There’s a lot of people in the squad who know players from the England side. I think the main feeling after the final whistle— and probably in a selfish way from the squad— was generally a real pride that we’re the last team from the home nations to be in the tournament.”

Seems legit.

Wales face their toughest test of the tournament on Friday when they face Belgium in the quarterfinals at Euro 2016.