Faded Americans: 15 Forgotten US National Team Players

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Faded Americans: 15 Forgotten US National Team Players

Every kid who grows up playing soccer dreams of one day playing for their respective national team. The idea of starring in a World Cup or scoring a crucial goal in qualifying or just simply becoming a celebrity athlete known the world over is an alluring concept.

And yet, for every Clint Dempsey or Christian Pulisic, there are countless names and faces that shine brightly (and briefly) before fading from the spotlight. It could be one appearance in a January friendly, one bad game in a meaningful tournament, or one unfortunate injury after another that derails a promising career.

Some names might be more familiar than others, but it’s still the case that playing for the US national team can be a topsy-turvy experience. With that in mind, here are 15 gentlemen (all of whom are still active players) that you might have forgotten once featured for the USMNT.