FIFA Sets Presidential Election Date; Sepp Blatter Hates Fake Money

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The soccer-loving world learned two important lessons on Monday: the election to select a new FIFA president will be held on February 26, 2016, and current president Sepp Blatter does not enjoy showering in fake money.

Early on Monday morning, FIFA leaders convened in Zurich to set a date for the elections, and (it is believed) to discuss plans for reform. Domenico Scala, the independent head of FIFA’s audit committee, has been devising possible plans for overhauling the organization, including term limits for senior officials and the disclosure of previously unavailable information (specifically, the salaries of top executives).


Overall, the meetings were an attempt to show that FIFA is actively pursuing reform and change. At least, that was the message Sepp Blatter was intending to convey when he took his seat to helm an official FIFA press conference. Instead, he was humiliated almost immediately. The embattled president was interrupted by comedian Simon Brodkin (appearing as one of his alter egos, Jason Bent), who proceeded to hurl fake money at Blatter in a mock effort to win the bidding rights to the 2026 World Cup on behalf of North Korea.

The British comedian was quickly escorted out of the building and into the waiting arms of the Swiss police, but not before he helped inspire what will undoubtedly go down as one of the most iconic images of Blatter’s president: a furious man sat amidst a sea of currency.

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