Watch: Sporting KC Fans Show Off Tifo Inspired By Game Of Thrones

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Nothing says “pop culture savvy” quite like… Major League Soccer?

Last weekend Sporting Kansas City hosted the LA Galaxy. Before kickoff, members of the KC Cauldron unveiled new tifo for the occasion, drawing inspiration from the hit television series Game Of Thrones.

Using a system of pulleys, the fans unfurled a large-scale depiction of The Night King, leader of the White Walkers. The banner specifically references a scene from the end eighth episode of Season 5, one that stands out as one of the more unsettling moments in the series (which, uh, is really saying something).

Also on display was a revamped version of the Cauldron’s “Welcome To The Blue Hell” sign featuring the GoT font.

(Given the use of that particular character and that particular scene does that mean SKC fans see themselves as… White Walkers? Or wights?)

The game ended in a 1-1 draw, which seems appropriate given the tifo’s reference to a show that seldom has clear cut winners and losers.

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