Hillary Clinton’s Latest Email Release Includes English Soccer Connection

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The latest batch of HIllary Clinton related emails includes a connection to the world of soccer.

The heavily redacted emails were released Monday after a watchdog organization filed a lawsuit and a Freedom of Information Act request went unanswered. One of those email exchanges features a conversation between sports marketing executive Casey Wasserman, Clinton Foundation executive Douglas Band and Huma Adedin, one of Secretary Clinton’s top aides at the State Department.

Based on the emails which were sent in May of 2009, Wasserman’s client—an unnamed Wolverhampton FC player—wanted to visit Las Vegas for a “celebration break.” However, his criminal record meant the player was unable to get the needed travel papers approved. Wasserman had attempted to secure an interview for the player at the US Embassy in London in order to move the process forward, but hit some road blocks. His first emails were to Band, who later involved Adebin. The exchange ends with Abedin stating that she was “nervous to get involved, but (will) ask,” and Band responding “(t)hen don’t.”

In a statement, a Wasserman representative has said that no visa was issued, but did not mention whether an interview at the embassy had been granted.

The sense of impropriety comes into play with the knowledge that Wasserman is also the president of the Wasserman Foundation, a charitable organization that has donated $5-10 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Wolverhampton FC of course had great reason to celebrate in May of 2009, as they had just finished at the top of the Championship and been promoted back to the Premier League. While the player’s name was redacted in the emails, at least one player, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, had been charged with a crime after an incident with a doorman in 2008. Ebanks-Blake scored 25 goals in 41 league appearances during the 2008-09 season.

The full email text is below:

From: Tim Hoy [VP Wasserman Media Group]

Date: Tue. 5 May 2009 10:45:55 – 0700

To: Casey Wasserman

Subject: [Redacted] Wolverhampton FC/visa matter

Casey: Paul Martin’s [popular English footballer] client [Redacted] needs to get an expedited appointment at the US Embassy in London this week and we have hit some road blocks. I am writing to ask for your help.

The Wolverhampton FC is coming to Las Vegas this Thursday for a “celebration break.” [Redacted] so he cannot get a visa to the US without first being “interviewed” in the visa section of the US Embassy in London …

I contacted Senator Boxer’s office in SF for help … They balked at the criminal charge and said they “couldn’t help.”

I’m now trying to get help from Sherrod Brown’s office but that’s not going well either. So do you have any ideas/contacts that could contact the US Embassy in London and ask that they see [Redacted] tomorrow?

From: Casey Wasserman

To: Doug Band; Trista Schroeder [Wasserman Media Group executive]

Sent: Tue May 05 2:23:50 2009 [PT]

Subject: FW [Redacted] Wolverhampton FC/visa matter

Can you help with the below [Hoy email], or maybe Huma??? I am copying trista as I am on the plane in case I lose connection … thx.

From: Doug Band

Sent: Tue May 05 7:08:21 2009 [ET]

To: Casey Wasserman; Trista Schroeder

Subject: Re: [Redacted] Wolverhampton FC/visa matter

Will email her.

From: Doug Band

To: Huma Abedin

Sent: Tue May 5 7:26:49 2009

Subject: Fw: [Redacted] Wolverhampton FC/visa matter

[As per subject line, Band apparently forwarded Abedin material sent to him by Casey.]

From: Huma Abedin [Huma@clintonemail.com]

Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 7:39:38 PM

To: Doug Band

Subject: Re: [Redacted] Wolverhampton FC/visa matter

I doubt we can do anything but maybe we can help with an interview. I’ll ask.

From: Huma Abedin

To: Doug Band

Sent: Tue May 05 5:50:09 2009

Subject: Re: [Redacted] Wolverhampton FC/visa matter

I got this now, makes me nervous to get involved but I’ll ask.

From: Doug Band

To: Huma Abedin

Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 7:43:30 PM

Subject: Re: [Redacted] Wolverhampton FC/visa matter

Then don’t…