Watch: A Player In Italy's 9th Division Tried To Fight A Referee. Hilarity Ensued.

Soccer Video Italy
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I don’t even know what to say about this one.

In a recent game between Castel San Niccolò and Fortis Arezzo— two titans of Italy’s lower, lower, lower divisions— a player was absolutely incensed when he received a red card. Consumed with rage, he worked himself into a froth, wound himself up to deliver a devastating kick to the unassuming referee, and… completely bungled it.

The referee was clearly unharmed. The player nearly fell butt-first into the mud. The referee’s completely unimpressed look and dismissive turn made the player even angrier. The teammates scrambled to hold him back from… embarrassing himself further?

If you’re into Italian lower league football— and who isn’t?— watch to the end for more highlights of this epic clash. El Clásico, eat your heart out.