Whose Bike Was Better: Luis Suarez for Barcelona or Andre-Pierre Gignac for Marseille?

Soccer Video Luis Suarez
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This weekend saw two goals scored as the result of bicycle kicks, though one was slightly more direct than the other. Both goals came from big-name players. Both were celebrated emphatically by the players’ respective teammates. So, whose was better? Luis Suarez’s brilliant strike for Barcelona against Levante, or Andre-Pierre Gignac’s … er … attempt for Marseille? You be the judge.

Here is the clinical finish from Suarez, which capped off a 5-0 result for Barcelona.

And here is Gignac’s deceptively sweet take, which helped Marseille stay within touching distance of Ligue 1 leaders Lyon.

Suarez probably deserves the victory in this case, though there is something beautifully sweet about how pleased Gignac seems with his effort.