Watch: Manchester City Players Read Out Mean Tweets

Soccer Video Manchester City
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“Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves” has evolved into a nascent genre of online video. It was probably only a matter of time before footballers got in on the trend.

As part of an “Advent Calendar” series of silly videos on the club’s official YouTube channel, Manchester City players went on camera to read off Tweets aimed at them. The Tweets, read by club captain Vincent Kompany, Yaya Toure, Elia Mangala, Fabian Delph, and Bacary Sagna, range from simply mean-spirited to downright abusive.

The video ends with a PSA of sorts from Kompany about cyberbullying, as well as links for information and support for victims of online abuse.

To the extent that any of the Tweets read in the video can be funny and not just mean and horrible, the comment about Fabian Delph chain-smoking and owning a dog track in Huddersfield is pretty amusing. As is Delph’s response: “The track would be in Leeds, not Huddersfield.”