7 Off the Beaten Path Soccer Titles on Netflix

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7 Off the Beaten Path Soccer Titles on Netflix

Netflix is the water of life, as the old saying goes. Chances are you’re probably watching something on Netflix right now, either to fill the cold, painful silence in your life or because while you were at work earlier you remembered that time Joey made the Olsen twins say something cute and you just had to watch it again.

Remember the local news? Repeats of Seinfeld on TBS? Those weird shows where people who aren’t judges judge disputes? Yeah, me neither.

In addition to being the world’s leading Arrested Development repository, Netflix has a host of other movies and shows. Among them are several that have soccer (or “football” if you like, it’s what we call a “synonym” in the wordmaking biz) at the center of their stories. You’ve probably seen a list of soccer documentaries somewhere before, and sure enough, Netflix does currently have several of the excellent 30 for 30 docs that revolved around the beautiful game. There’s The Two Escobars, Hillsborough, and White, Blue and White, all of which are expertly crafted.

But here at Paste, we’ve decided to go off the beaten path and highlight a few of Netflix soccer offerings that don’t get the benefit of the ESPN platform. We’ve sprinkled in a few movies, a TV show or two, and couple of documentaries—enough to make for healthy binge watch that will tax your limbic system to its limits. We don’t vouch for the quality of these selections, we’re just here to highlight the soccer.