Run, Santi Cazorla, Run!

Soccer Video
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Big day for Arsenal, winning 2-0 against Manchester City, and big day for Santi Cazorla. The brilliant little Spanish midfielder scored Arsenal’s first goal from the penalty spot, and floated in the free-kick for Olivier Giroud to score the second (which prompted a nice little celebratory dance), but he was also an important brick in the impenetrable defensive wall Arsenal built across midfield, and broke away at pace every time he relieved a Manchester City player of the ball.

The very best example is above, in which Cazorla strips the ball form Stevan Jovetic and turns and goes. With swerves and nutmegs galore he makes a solo run to more or less the halfway line, before eventually coughing it up. Magnificent moment from Cazorla—it was like a watching a much more skilled but no less determined version of Forrest Gump.