The 19 Best Tweets on Zidane Becoming Real Madrid's Latest Manager

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The 19 Best Tweets on Zidane Becoming Real Madrid's Latest Manager

Real Madrid sacking Rafa Benitez after just seven months on the job was not all that shocking. Especially when you consider that the president of the club, one Florentino Perez, has a reputation for firing managers at a rate that would make George Steinbrenner rise from the grave. Perez is not a patient man, and Real Madrid is not a club where anything but total domination is good enough to guarantee job security.

So let’s put aside the obvious truth that Benitez was never right for the job in the first place and everyone (meaning EVERYONE) could see this move coming, and focus instead on the fact that Madrid is replacing the man they call the Fat Spanish Waiter with one of the most iconic players of all time. The task of leading the gaggle of uncontrollable egos that make up the club’s roster now falls to Zinedine Zidane, quite possibly the coolest person on the planet. I mean, look at the guy.

All of this activity in Madrid naturally stirred the animals of Twitter. We’ve collected 19 of the best tweets that came out of Rafa’s sacking/Zidane’s appointment/Perez’s meglomania for your enjoyment. Yeah, there are some groaners in there and the internet is way too enamored with headbutt memes, but as soccer Twitter goes, this wasn’t a bad effort.