The Beautiful Game From A Beautiful Perspective

Soccer Video
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Before the start of Club America and Pumas in Mexican Liga MX last week, the good people at GoPro offered up a new stadium flyover technique, and it was AWESOME.

The camera was mounted to an eagle that flew from the top of the stadium to midfield. The clip is only 30 seconds but it does leave you wanting to see more. First, taking flight over some unsuspecting Club America fans before soaring through the box like Robin Van Persie after his unforgettable header in the World Cup. Then, gliding through the midfield area almost as graceful as Yaya Toure before finally making a strike towards the ball, trying to win possession like Philipp Lahm. Yeah, I just went there, comparing an eagle’s flight to the best soccer players in the world.

It doesn’t get much more beautiful than that. Pumas won the match 1-0 after an 88’ goal from Dante Lopez. Pumas must not be afraid of eagles.