The Best 20 Tweets on USA's Must Win Match over Guatemala

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The Best 20 Tweets on USA's Must Win Match over Guatemala

How bad is the United States Men’s National Team? Not bad enough to lose to Guatemala twice in a row, apparently. Definitely not bad enough to lose to Guatemala at home with their 2018 World Cup fates on the line. Probably “bad” in some sense, but not “bad” in that sense.

After Friday’s debacle in Guatemala City, Jurgen Klinsmann found himself the subject of virulent discussion about his ability to do the job US Soccer pays him millions to do. After five years, there are many questions over whether the program is actually better off. Even if the answer to that question remains unclear, the current state of the team under Klinsmann makes it reasonable to ask if he should be fired.

But, the Americans took down the 95th ranked team in the world 4-0 in a must-win scenario that actually lived up to that label, buying Klinsmann a reprieve. Clint Dempsey, Geoff Cameron, Graham Zusi, and Jozy Altidore scored. Passages of good play, the level of the competition notwithstanding, managed to perk up the moods of American soccer fans who just hours before seemed sure nothing but doom awaiting the United States. Klinsmann probably still isn’t the man for the job, but at least the Americans don’t have to worry about being eliminated from the 2018 World Cup…for now.

Not that American soccer twitter was entirely un-snarky during the improved performance. It’s in the DNA.

And thank goodness for us, because what would a Paste Soccer gallery of tweets be if the tweets weren’t just a little bit caustic?