WATCH: The Daily Show's Commercial for USWNT Equal Pay

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No one does a better job at exposing the absurdity of society quite like Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, and Wednesday night they tackled the US women’s national team wage gap dispute.

The Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj met up with Hope Solo, Becky Sauerbrunn and Ali Krieger from the US women’s national team to get the scoop on why they are being “so greedy.”

Of course in typical Daily Show fashion, the correspondent plays the fool allowing their subjects to explain in simplest terms the issue at hand.

The interview went something like this:

Hasan: The men made it to the round of 16 in the World Cup.
Krieger: We’ve won three World Cups.
Hasan: They are ranked 30th in the world.
Sauerbrunn: We’re ranked number one.

You get the idea.

When hearing that the men’s team members make $5,000 even when they lose a match and the women don’t make anything when if they lose, Hasan found the silver lining: “maybe that’s why you guys don’t lose.”


Hasan also interviewed Fox News contributor Gavin McInnes to get the other side of the story. You know, the one where men should, of course, be paid more and women should be happy with what they get.

When claiming the men’s team was more popular therefore deserved more pay, Hasan challenged McInnes to name three players from the current men’s team. Needless to say McInnes failed miserably but did deliver the hilariously made up names Bobby Daniels, Zigler Norris and “that guy known to everyone as Junebug.”

Also making an appearance in the piece was women’s equality pioneer and tennis champion Billy Jean King. King insisted for more support stating, “we need to really get behind women. Get behind them with money, exposure, give them more commercials.”

So, naturally The Daily Show delivered with a spot-on commercial for the ladies with the tag, JUST F@#KING DO IT.

This isn’t the first time The Daily Show has supported the women’s cause. Just last month host Trevor Noah delivered a six-minute monologue on the women’s pay gap.

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