The Next Generation

20 (Possible) Future Dual National USMNT Stars

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The Next Generation

It’s no secret that the United States has benefitted tremendously from its melting pot reputation. One need look no further than the US Men’s National Soccer Team for proof. The number of dual nationals (players that are eligible to represent multiple countries) that have opted to represent the Stars and Stripes is ever-increasing, and the resulting talent pool available to Jurgen Klinsmann is the greater for it. Of the 23 players initially called in by Klinsmann to face Cuba, only 5 (Geoff Cameron, Michael Bradley, Perry Kitchen, David Bingham, and Jordan Morris) had no immediate connections to other national teams. Everyone else, at one time or another, could have been wearing a different jersey.

So who are the next dual nationals that American fans should be keeping an eye on? Names like Zelalem and Pulisic are already well known to most USMNT fans, but there are others that might be slightly less familiar. Some have already ripped the Stars and Stripes at youth level. Others have already appeared for other national teams, but remain eligible via FIFA’s one-time switch policy. Here are 20 players who could still represent the United States, even if some are far less likely to do so than others.