WATCH: Drogba Has No Time for NYRB "Superfans"

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The New York Red Bulls hosted the Montreal Impact in a late-season clash with huge implications for the MLS Playoffs. NYRB came out on top 1-0, thanks to a second half goal from Daniel Royer, and clinched a playoff spot in the process.

Afterward, some Red Bulls fans were ogling for an autograph from Montreal forward Didier Drogba. The former Chelsea legend walked past them and headed for the tunnel. Vince and Vance Moss, twin brothers and NYRB superfans, yelled after Drogba demanding he come back and sign some autographs. Drogba’s response, while not particularly polite, was understandable. His team had just suffered a tough loss, he was exhausted, and he wanted to get back to the dressing room and change without having to continue being “on” for opposing fans.

But that wasn’t good enough for the Brothers Moss. A tense confrontation broke out between one of the brothers and Drogba. The two had to be kept apart by Montreal club staff and stadium security. While they exchanged words, other Red Bulls fans heckled the Ivorian striker. Drogba eventually made his way back to the dressing room.

Vince Moss later told the press that they were indeed upset that Drogba wouldn’t sign autographs and told him as much. And while they still pin most of the blame for the confrontation on Drogba (calling him, among other things, a “sore loser”), they conceded that they “wish it could have been handled differently.”

The moral of the story: professional athletes don’t owe you anything, please don’t pick fights with them because they didn’t give you the attention you wanted.