WATCH: Manuel Neuer Kicks A Ball Into His Own Face, Tries To Act Cool

Soccer Video
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The own goal is so widely vaunted and praised that it’s easy to overlook the rich tradition of self owns in football. Which is what makes this video so powerful and necessary.

Germany hosted the Czech Republic this weekend in World Cup qualifying. The defending world champions made short work of their guests, with Thomas Müller netting a brace in a comfortable 3-0 win.

Late in the second half, an errant (and dead) ball ended up in the back of Neuer’s net, which had sat largely undisturbed all day. The Bayern Munich keeper went to fish the ball out of the net, and… I can’t even do it justice. Just watch the video.

My favorite part was him trying to play it off and act like nothing happened.

Dude. We saw you. We saw you. Just take the L, my man.