WATCH: Messi Called Offside On A Run, Nutmegs The Keeper Anyway

Soccer Video
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Leo Messi once again came off the bench in the second half for Argentina in the Copa América Centenario. The team was already in a strong position— up 3-0 against Bolivia— so there was no real pressure on the Barcelona forward. All he had to do was run around, not get injured, and maybe give the people who paid way too much for tickets a flash of his patented fae glamour.

Late in the second half, Messi made a darting run behind the opposing defenders to latch onto a pass and hopefully notch a fourth. He was called offside but, either because he didn’t notice or didn’t care, he kept the play going. Bolivia’s keeper forced him out to the touchline and cornered him. After a couple feints, Messi went ahead and nutmegged the keeper to slip out of the tight spot. ONLY THEN did he acknowledge the offside call and abandon the play.

The Fair Folk can be cruel indeed.

Argentina held on for the win and will face Venezuela in the quarterfinals.