WATCH: Palermo's New Club President Shows Off His Sweet New Tattoo At First Press Conference

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Last week Maurizio Zamparini stepped down as president of Italian club Palermo after 15 years. Zamparini’s reign was, uh, eventful, having spent the intervening years struggling to keep Palermo in Serie A while going though as many as seven managers in one season. With Palermo once again threatened with the drop, a group of American investors swooped in to right the ship and Zamparini exited at stage right.

Earlier this week the new investors introduced their pick to replace Zamparini— American-born former TV personality Paul Baccaglini. An unknown quantity— he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page— the Italian sporting press was naturally a bit skeptical about the new club official and whether he would be able to keep Palermo in the top flight. Baccaglini knew he had to prove his commitment to the club and its future.

Which he did by getting a tattoo inspired by the club crest. Right below his nipple. And showing it off at his first press conference.

I think this is pretty rad, honestly. I’m not particularly more confident that Palermo will manage to stay up, but I kinda like the new guy all the same.