All Hail USA Soccer Guy's World Cup Anthem: Kick That Soccer Ball!

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The world thinks Americans don’t know anything about soccer. They think we only follow the game once every four years and even then we have nary a clue what we are talking about and should really stick to baseball.

Some American soccer fans—who live, eat and drink the sport every day of the year— take offense to that false impression. Others, like Twitter legend @USASoccerGuy, take revenge.

USA Soccer Guy’s MO is to take that stereotype to the extreme with deliberately hyper-Americanized tweets, which inevitably catches the attention of those who can’t wait to correct American soccer fans, whose angry responses he retweets for all who are in on the joke to enjoy.

Slowly but surely, USA Soccer Guys is inventing a hilarious language all of his own. Here’s a great example, from the FA Cup Final:

GOALSHOT! A felony kick is kicked right in by Carl Zola has given the Cannon's hope of being the winningest franchise this morning.@SoccerGuy

USA Soccer Guy’s latest work is a brilliant piece of music called Kick That Soccer Ball, and it may every well be the greatest soccer song ever written—satire or otherwise. Give it a listen, turn the awesome up … and KICK! THAT! SOCCER! BALL!

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