Alexa Chung is Making Uggs Cool Again as New Art Director

Style News Alexa Chung
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Fairly or not, Uggs have come to be associated with a certain type of style that one might deem “basic.”

But fashion model and clothing designer Alexa Chung plans on changing that image. Chung announced today that she’s acting as art director for Ugg in their latest ad campaign.

Speaking to Vogue, Chung said:

There is nothing I enjoy more than getting back to England and seeing all of my mates and that involves my uniform, which is UGG boots, jeans, and a navy blue jumper. I have an association with them being home, friends, hanging out and having fun. With this in mind, I loved art directing for UGG. It gave me the opportunity to work alongside and marry together some of the people in my life I find most inspiring with a team of talented pals to capture both their spirit and the easy going nature of the brand.

Based on the pictures from Vogue’s story and Chung’s Instagram post of some new ad sheets, Ugg is looking to distance itself from its old image of “I have to be in class in five minutes and they’re comfy, so leave me alone,” and instead going for more of a cool, chic, but casual vibe.

Chung has at least one supporter in her corner for Ugg’s new direction. Last year, British Vogue made the argument that Uggs should be embraced once again.

You can see Chung’s Instagram post below and see the entire Ugg photoshoot here.

@cocobaudelle stopping traffic in Berlin/working the pole in this photoshoot I art directed for @ugg @uggineurope ???????? ???? @benrayner @stellywood styling @cdaymakeup make up @blakeerik hair

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