Buzz Aldrin Makes Modeling Debut at N.Y. Men's Fashion Week

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Buzz Aldrin Makes Modeling Debut at N.Y. Men's Fashion Week

Science met fashion on the runway at Nick Graham’s Mars-themed show at New York Fashion Week: Men’s, with the accompaniment of space exploration icon Buzz Aldrin and host Bill Nye. Aldrin, who is famously the second person to have walked on the moon, walked the runway sporting a shiny silver bomber jacket and matching kicks, and looked pretty spry for an 86-year-old. Nye looked equally dapper in a shiny tuxedo jacket with a space-y-looking print and, of course, his signature bow tie. This particular bow-tie was custom-made by Nye and Graham, and is part of a limited-edition collection.

Graham, an avid space and science fan, said to WWD of his guests, “Both of them have had an enormous impact on our understanding of science and space. To work with them on the Mars show is so exciting. And besides, Mars is the new black.” Indeed.

Aldrin described the Mars collection to WWD as “very Mars-friendly,” adding that “every astronaut should look their best when they land there.” Aldrin has long been a proponent of Mars travel, and believes that humans will be able to land on Mars by 2035. Nye is less enthused about the prospect of traveling to Mars, stating, “The thing is, to have a colony on Mars — I think that’s not an especially good idea. There’s no substitute for Earth. This idea we’ll go Terraform Mars, you’re freaking high.” Honestly, we’re feeling a little high from this whole story.

In any case, the show went well, with Aldrin tweeting out that walking on the runway was “as easy as walking on the moon.” Find that tweet below.

We’re digging the shiny, androgynous spaceman look big time, and we strongly encourage you to check out the rest of the line. If you haven’t picked your 2017 fashion muse yet, perhaps the Mars collection is for you. Space, science and fashion is a combination that has always been a magical mess, and you know what they say: One small, shiny sneaker-clad step for man, one giant step for … oh, forget it. You get the point.