Chance the Rapper Models "Thank You Obama" Fashion Line

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Chance the Rapper Models "Thank You Obama" Fashion Line

Been missing your favorite First Family more than usual lately? You’re not the only one.

Chicago-based designer Joe Freshgoods has launched into mainstream fame and popularity with his recently released collection titled “Thank You Obama.” It doesn’t hurt that the line is modeled by long-time Obama fan Chance the Rapper. President Obama has cited Chance as one of his favorite artists, and Chance paid tribute to Obama on SNL and attended his farewell party at the White House in January. Now, Chance and Freshgoods have teamed up to showcase another tribute to our beloved ex-president—through fashion.

The “Thank You Obama” line is a seven-piece collection that is sporty and wearable, though a clear message runs continuously across the bottom of the screen touting, “Do Not Wear. This is Art.” The collection includes a T-shirt thanking our beloved FLOTUS, a “King Obama” shirt and a “Message to Malia” T-shirt (the message, revealed on the back, is “We all smoke, it’s ok”). On his website, Freshgoods makes the point that the pieces aren’t just about paying tribute to the Obamas, but also about remembrance and empowerment:

with this project i wanted to timestamp a period in my life where i felt like i can do whatever i wanted to do and be whatever i wanted to be. The night obama won his first term gave me so much hope, especially & most importantly as a black man. I decided to make a collection saying “thank you” and give me something to smile at every now and then when i look in the closet.

You can shop “Thank You Obama” here, although unfortunately, every single piece is currently sold out and on back order. Hopefully the massive popularity of the “Thank You Obama” collection will prompt Freshgoods to expand (a “Message to Sasha” T-shirt, perhaps? Obama-inspired kicks?).

See below for Freshgoods’ Twitter post on the behind the scenes of the photo shoot, and click here to see the full collection of Chance’s modeling photos.