Get Strong in Style From These 5 Men's Activewear Brands We're Loving Right Now

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Get Strong in Style From These 5 Men's Activewear Brands We're Loving Right Now

Women’s activewear is usually stylish, but men’s? Not so much. Life sometimes just isn’t fair, until now! We have seen a drastic change in the modern man’s closet. In today’s world, casual Friday is beginning to be a thing of the past, and people are choosing comfort and functionality over everything else. Exercise has become a lifestyle, so we are seeing designers create practical and innovative collections where the man does not have to sacrifice function for style or vice versa. Activewear is no longer the exception and can now be an extension of personal style.

We’ve found five men’s brands that will have you copping stylish performance wear to add to your everyday wardrobe. Grab a jacket, shirt or pants from our list below, and wear them transitionally from the gym right to the street.

1. Rhone

mensactiverhone.jpg Photo via Rhone

Rhone clothing is in a league of its own. Often times, when you want quality clothing, you have to fork over the big bucks. In this case, affordability and superior quality go hand in hand. Their focus is to tailor to the fit man while providing premium quality with high functioning stylish clothing. By doing so, the company uses innovative materials such as multi-stretch for extreme comfort and Silver Tech, a permanent antimicrobial and antibacterial agent that fights odor and sweat stains, forever (not just for 15 or so washes). Rhone has broken ground and is at the forefront of the future athleisure lifestyle.

2. Qor

mensactiveqor.png Photo via Qor

The name, pronounced like “core”, is what the entire company stands for. Core values, such as strength, integrity and humility, and core referring to the body part, where all physical activity stems from. Their goal is to build the very best performance clothing for men of all ages and abilities. A pretty stand up company, they don’t just stop at making excellent clothing—they want the product to also inspire you to be more active and to reconsider how and when you are active. If you’re not sure what to wear, choose from their “Saturday Morning Kit,” “Post Gym Kit,” “Golf Kit” or “Spin Kit” for a seamless and effortless moment of dressing.

3. Aether

mensactiveathler.png Photo via Aether

This company has designed well tailored performance wear for the fashion minded clientele. They pride themselves on their technical pieces that focus on the intersection of form and function, so go ahead and wear their Alto jacket from the slopes right to the streets. Find functional modern aesthetic gear for city dwellers, motorcycle riders, mountain climbers, swimmers and cyclists. The classic silhouettes have clean lines and you can be sure the fit will be flattering.

4. Kit & Ace

mensactivekitandace.png Photo via Kit & Ace

Founders Shannon and JJ know a little something or two about clothing. The wife and son of Lululemon’s founder, they teamed up to fill the void in the luxury apparel industry. The thing missing? Designs that look good, feel amazing and are functional. They met their desire for luxury and style with functionality and sophistication by introducing their innovative product to the world, Technical Cashmere (washable and stretchy, anyone?). You can say they are extremely focused on the future.

5. Isaora

mensactiveisaora.png Photo via Isaora

Made for the man that partakes in high octane activities, this company uses cutting edge engineering to bring its customers advanced construction for uncompromising performance. With their strong belief in their streamlined silhouettes and elevated aesthetic they go as far as offering a “no questions asked” guarantee on all product. The clothing is functional, bulk free and has design elements that will having you feeling proud.