Incorporate Hygge Style into Your Wardrobe with These Cozy Tips

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The hygge (pronounced hoo-gah, to rhyme with cougar) lifestyle trend first appeared this past winter. The word is rooted in Scandinavian culture as a noun or verb meaning to take comfort in the everyday beauty of life’s little moments so when it comes to hygge-inspired style, this mindset can last long into the year and its other seasons. While candles, minimal home décor and throws are key parts of hygge-izing an apartment or house, when it comes to wardrobe, oversized knits, drapey fabrics and neutral hues are a must.

For help transitioning hygge’s creature comforts into a spring ready closet, read on for a few key pieces to include.

1. Oversize It

hygge1.jpg Wool-Blend Cardigan via & Other Stories, $125

One element to hygge we can all get behind is cozy comfort. But as chillier weather leaves like a lamb, keep the sentiment running strong with an oversized cardigan made from a lighter knit or wool. Oversized and a perfect outfit topper for a chillier office atmosphere or as a final layer when headed to an early-morning class, the classic cardigan, in a new, loose shape, keeps loungewear vibes running strong long into the day. Doubling as a light jacket in warmer months, a pale pink cardi no longer has to be reserved for late fall.

2. Streetstyle Fleece

hygge2.jpg Street Fleece Pant via Everlane, $65

While athleisurewear is still holding strong as the world’s most comfortable streetstyle, looser, softer fabrics can be found in hygge style as well. A fleece pant leaves legs loose and limber with plenty of stretch to feel like walking on air. Once you ditch the stiff denim for a more flexible pant—pair with a blazer to dress up or embrace an off-duty ballerina whimsy and try with an oversized boatneck top—you will find yourself skipping down the street with a breezy, carefree attitude.

3. It’s All in the Fabric

hygge3.png Gray Ballet Sweater via Loup NYC, $95

Neutral hues and soft knits truly are the hallmark of hygge and while the cooler months of winter call for extra layers, we see no reason to ditch these sweaters for the rest of the year. A less bulky pattern—think Merino if you must opt for wool—or a croptop hem gives a little more choice when donning thinner knits. The key to spring sweaters is an understated elegance without feeling heavy or weighed down.

4. A Robe for Each Season

hygge4.jpg Flora Nikrooz Vanessa Kimono Robe via Anthropologie, $98

An evening at home calls for the right robe and with hygge’s emphasis on mindful balance and peace, a lighter robe for spring’s brighter days is just the ticket. Keep in mind hue and pattern: opt for a more neutral floral so when you leave the workday at the door and don a slinky robe with fleece pjs or thicker socks. A luxurious feeling of being ultra pampered will emerge, even if you still have to tackle the most mundane of house chores.

5. About Face

hygge5.jpg Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask via Herbivore, $22

While personal hygge style puts an emphasis on garb and layers, one necessary aspect is relaxation and what better way to slow down time than by using a facemask? Made with essential oils, natural products and a light scent, most facemasks offer a hint of aromatherapy while exfoliating and brightening skin. With softness being at the top of the hygge priority list, skin too will benefit from a little extra time and consideration.