Footwear Brand KAHMUNE is Working to Redefine "Nude"

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Footwear Brand KAHMUNE is Working to Redefine "Nude"

New footwear brand KAHMUNE is devoted to redefining the term “nude.” The brand, which plans to officially launch in March, is kicking off with 10 shades. “Our color palette is inspired by the diverse regions of the world,” KAHMUNE states on their website. “Each shade is named after the women whose skin tones have inspired us throughout this journey. Each style is named after a different woman who has played a pivotal role in our founder’s life.” That sense of individuality makes the brand’s mission that much stronger.

The desire for a new “nude” isn’t new. In recent years, fashion has made strides with brands like Nars expanding their signature line of concealers, nail polish brand Zoya launching a Neutral Collection and Nubian Skin and Naja fighting old ideas in the lingerie realm. Last year, Christian Louboutin even expanded their nude collection.

With two styles available (a pump and a sandal), KAHMUNE is taking a simple but strong approach. Head here for details on their launch and how to snag a pair for yourself. All we can say to brands like KAHMUNE? Keep going.