Style Record: Lexie Roth

Style Features Lexie Roth
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Style Record: Lexie Roth

With her recently released music video for “Hanging Around” from the upcoming EP MOVE ME, out today, it is safe to say Lexie Roth did not spend her last winter days in hibernation. The daughter of guitar legend Arlen Roth, Lexie has braided together her own sound with influences from country blues to breezy west coast rock. Her delicate, sparrow-like vocals evoke the “Rabbit Fur Coat” days of Jenny Lewis while Roth’s previously released self-titled album has a definite Patsy Cline “Crazy” era twang. Her latest effort has diluted these grassy roots for a driving synth pop, ocean spray breeze but with the same love-lost lyricism to only add depth to her luminous, high-toned melodies.

Much like her sound, Roth is able to blend multiple styles into one cohesive vibe when it comes to her streetstyle and stage looks. With bicoastal influences of the west coast—think Palm Springs thrift shop retro meets big-city glam with sparkles and glitter—Roth’s fashion choices are free and at ease much like her signature tousled blonde mane. Her clothes, aura and sound all meet to create a familiar best friend who tells it like it is but in a pretty, alluring purr.

With a tour next on the docket, Paste was excited to track Roth down to talk tricks of the trade when styling a music video and why style inspiration sometimes begins closest to home.


Paste: Tell us a little bit about your style and how it influences you and your performance on stage.

Lexie Roth: My style is adventurous and practical. I’m never afraid to wear bold, loud statement pieces, I like when fashion sparks a conversation. When I’m performing, wearing items that move and don’t cling to my body help keep my mind off of what I’m wearing and makes me able to feel loose. If I’m singing and not playing guitar, it’s really nice to have something to play with. Growing up with a musician dad, I would always notice his transformation to “stage wear” and he always rocked the cowboy boots and some cool rhinestone detailed jacket or shiny blazer with bolo ties. The distinction from performance self and every day self is fun for me. I like stepping into my heightened persona on stage, but sometimes keeping it chill in high-tops, a floral summery dress and a backwards hat is heightened enough.

Paste: In your opinion, what makes the ultimate stage outfit?

Roth: The ultimate stage outfit to me is something that highlights the individual artist and makes a statement so strong you never want to look away. When the audience is transfixed on watching you, why not make it fun? A great example of what I love in stage outfits is everything that Julie Budet from Yelle wears. Her outfits fill me, and their dedicated fanbase with pure elation. A little sparkle and humor never hurt nobody.

Paste: Do you dress any differently in your normal day-to-day than you do onstage?

Roth: I do, but it’s not so extremely different, I basically just pump up the volume when I perform. Add something with glitter and definitely go a lot bigger with makeup. I have a lot of fun with clothes and makeup both personally and as an artist.

Paste: Has there been an evolution to your look since you first started performing?

Roth: Starting to perform professionally when I was 16 has shown over a decade of style evolution, so I’d say that’s a big YES. When I was that age, I wore a lot of plaid, home made tie die skirts, and felt the need to keep every bracelet I’ve ever own on my wrists.

Paste: How do you approach styling for something like a music video or photo shoot?

Roth: Styling for music videos is one of my favorite things to do. You can’t create a believable reality without proper wardrobe. I recently shot a 70s Boogie Night’s inspired music video for one of my new songs called SLOW DOWN and the clothing was a vital piece to the puzzle. My director, Liv Prior Colliander, and I started collecting photos for months of all things we loved and were inspired by, then from there decided which items MUST be in the video and found them at all costs. We went vintage shopping, borrowed from friends all over LA and used wardrobe from our cast of mostly professional actors who had a ton of amazing wardrobe as well. It’s a mecca out here for fun 70s pieces, big faux furs and glitz. Approaching photo shoots for some reason I am way more lax about my own wardrobe, I throw on a weird version of my “uniform” which is a mix of chiffon maxi dresses from American Apparel and since I like to support my incredibly talented friends jewelry lines I’ll maybe throw a Nettie Kent necklace on and make sure my makeup and hair is camera ready. Since I’m also an actor, I’m pretty sensitive to not wanting photo shoots for anything music related to look like a headshot so the more eclectic the better.

Paste: Are there any trends you are particularly excited about for spring?

Roth: Very out of the loop of what is trending for spring but I always like to celebrate the flowers with wearing brighter colors and graphic prints. Planning on wearing a lot of powdery bio-degradable glitter and brighter eye makeup. Can’t forget the perfect silk robe acceptable for the outdoors and my pink kimono I got at a garage sale for layering and red strappy clogs. Oh, and always my larger than life lucite flower clip on earrings.

Paste: Do you have a favorite place to shop while on the road?

Roth: Hidden Treasures and Dust and Fog in Topanga Canyon, CA, Katy K’s Ranch Dressing in Nashville, Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn, Renninger’s Antique and Farmer’s Market in Pennsylvania. Community Clothing Center in Orange, MA where you can literally fill an entire shopping basket for $1.00.

Paste: Where do you find inspiration for your style and sound?

Roth: I find inspiration for my style, on the street and on my friend’s bodies. Especially in LA and New York all day long it’s like a fashion show, I really appreciate it all. I have an incredible group of wildly evolving friends who are always pushing boundaries with their style, we all influence each other, and often trade clothing when we need something fresh. Inspiration for my sound comes from a mix of the Motown and country I grew up with on my juke box and new artists that catch my attention.

Paste: Any favorite beauty hacks?

Roth: An absurd amount of Derma E 12,000 IU Creme morning and night and having water challenges with myself to see how much I can drink a day and putting toothpaste on emerging pimples.

Paste: If you had to sum up your personal style in three words, what would they be?

Roth: Vintage, Rambunctious, Minimal.