7 Staples of Missy Elliott Fashion

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Missy Elliott is headlining this summer’s FYF Fest in LA along with a few noteworthy others, like Björk and Frank Ocean. One of the most iconic musicians to ever live, she’s had a bigger influence on the music we listen to than any of us can probably comprehend. She’s also known for her often-times outlandish fashions, like inflatable suits, or even the crystal bodysuit she wears in her latest video “WTF.” But if you look closely over the years, or let me do it for you (even better), we can pick out a few of the more common staples that we’d like to think Missy rocks in her day-to-day life. Here are a few favorites.

1. Low Key Androgyny

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Missy surely wasn't the first woman to dress in a way we'd deem “tomboyish” before androgyny became so popular. That said, we shouldn't underestimate her influence. Hip Hop is rife with music videos featuring women clad in next to nothing. Female artists within the genre often looked and dressed a certain way that was stereotypically “feminine”—and that's by no means a bad thing. But Missy's ability to dress like the boys and not necessarily bank on showing off her body helped push our liberal pendulum in the right direction.

2. Bandanas

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If you really think about it, bandanas make literally no sense. Like, what is that? A quick Google search showed me that they were likely invented 200 years ago in India, so I guess they're pretty legit. Missy made them even MORE legit. Scrolling through vintage photos, it's a serious staple within her wardrobe. She wore them tied around her forehead as pictured, and looked dope AF.

3. Crystals/Glam

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Missy loves her bling—but not just around her neck, wrist and fingers. She was a pro at finding ways to glam up her face, such as when she rocked crystals above her eyes in the “She's a Bitch” music video, a video that plays heavily on black vs. white. This is a “lewk” for sure, and one that should be a little more iconic than it is.

4. Millennial Pink

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Millennial pink is the biggest thing since gluten-free sliced bread. I'm actually not even sure if gluten-free bread is a thing, but this pink thing is really popping off. But Missy was, of course, way ahead of the game. “Beep Me 911” has a video that's super heavy on the color and thus totally appealing to my millennial-ass eyes. Once again, Missy was first.

5. Aaliyah-Inspired Looks

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Missy and Aaliyah's friendship was relationship goals x100,000. Missy was a bit of a mentor to Aaliyah and worked with her often. After Aaliyah's tragic passing in a plane accident, Missy's music and visuals were filled with homages to her late best friend. This jacket with Aaliyah's face was just the tip of the ice burg.

6. Bedazzled Everything

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As mentioned, Missy was not afraid of blinging herself up. This went beyond just jewelry and face embellishments; the woman also frequently rocks bedazzled clothes. Like, a lot of bedazzled clothes, particularly denim. I'm pretty sure there was an era in between the present moment and when this photo was taken wherein bedazzled stuff was sort of tacky (remember vagazzle?!), but that phase is over and it's time to bring the glam back. Don't buy from those high end designers that are charging a boat load for the same look—just get a glue gun my friends.

7. Hoopin' For the Best

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Missy’s hoop game was so on point, she puts LeBron James to shame. She was rocking them for like, 99% of the ‘90s and early aughts. Often times, the hoops were filled with an “M” or just straight up said “Missy”, which is badass. I have an insane fear of hoops getting caught on things and ripping your ear (even a non-hoop earing was able to draw blood from Beyonce, proving she’s human), but Missy’s really helping me through it.