Paste 101: The Best Summer Hat for Your Face Shape

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On a bad hair day, a hat can be your best friend. But, if you buy the wrong one, it will be your worst enemy. So much so that you’ll just want to pull the hat all the way down over your face and call it a day.

Instead of covering your gorgeous mug with a floppy top, accentuate it with the perfect hat for your face shape. Our guide will help you find your headpiece soul mate.

1. Round

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 1.48.28 PM.png Photo via ModCloth

If you’ve got a round head, use a hat to create length and contrast. Something with a tall and angular crown is perfect. Stay away from rounded hats or anything low to the head, which will only draw attention to the roundness and shorten the face. Fedoras, porkpies and trilbys are safe bets.

2. Heart-Shaped

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 1.50.29 PM.png Photo via ModCloth

Stay away from super wide hats so as not to accentuate your wider forehead. The key is not to go too narrow, though, otherwise you’re forehead will stand out. Keep the crown in line with your cheekbones, no wider or narrower, and the brim medium length.

3. Oblong/Oval

hathatsummer3.jpg Photo via Urban Outfitters

Balance out the length and narrowness of your face with a hat that has a shorter crown and/or a wide brim. Floppy, cloche or crusher hats make a great addition to an oblong face. If you want to get trendy, opt for a turban, which you can pull down onto the forehead to shorten the face.

4. Square

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 1.53.36 PM.png

Soften the angles of your face with a curvy hat. The floppier and more feminine, the better, but avoid anything that sits low on your forehead to avoid shortening your face. Try a bowler, or anything with an upturned rims.

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