My Meow My Choice: Reformation's New "Action Tees" Speak Volumes

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My Meow My Choice: Reformation's New "Action Tees" Speak Volumes

It’s no secret that Reformation rules. With a commitment to sustainability, the cult brand has become a staple in the realm of online shopping since its launch in 2009. And this week, they shared a new collection that speaks volumes (literally). Deemed “Action Tees,” they’re not only political statements, but they directly benefit the ACLU, the Environmental Defense Fund and Planned Parenthood, with $30 from each $50 shirt going to the organization featured.

“We believe in women’s collective power and their right to make their own choices,” CEO and founder Yael Aflalo said in a press release. “We believe that America’s strength is our diversity and that our continued economic and ideological success depends on compassionate and open immigration policies. We believe that climate change is the biggest challenge facing our generation and is a direct result of human activities.”

To which we say: preach. Check out the tees in the gallery above, and shop them here.