Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for the People You Love (In A Platonic Way)

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Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for the People You Love (In A Platonic Way)

Everyone deserves to feel loved on Valentine’s Day regardless of relationship status. Sometimes you want to give a gift that doesn’t scream romance or put weird pressure on the recipient. I’m sure any gift can be romantic under the right circumstances, but for the most part, these gifts will make your friends and loved ones smile, will solve a problem, or let them know that you love them as a person but have absolutely no desire to put on Sade and stare into each other’s eyes when they’re around.

Moonlight Roller Moon Boot Roller Skates



Yes, these skates are pricey, but they’re totally worth the money. They’re sturdier than the rental skates from your childhood, are made of a gorgeous suede in a rainbow of color choices, and have thoughtful details like the moon and stars padding to cushion your ankles. Skating is a fun form of exercise and will take you back to the days of racing around the roller rink after eating way too many Funyuns.

inPowered Blue Coral Emergency Lamp



I love gifts that are both beautiful and practical, so of course I’m obsessed with this lamp. It has a soothing blue glass base that reminds me of the ocean and is the perfect size for an end table. The real magic is in the backup battery that activates if power is lost. No more stumbling around in the dark or looking for the flashlight that you forgot to leave in a convenient place. It also has an integrated USB port that can charge your phone during a power outage. It’s like your own little lighthouse! I also love products that give back to the community, and inPowered is a woman-owned company that donates a portion of profits to support female entrepreneurs and woman-owned businesses.

Lush Big Eggplant Bath Bomb



Lush has a reputation for being cheeky with their products, and the Big Eggplant definitely fits the bill. It’s nine glorious inches of bathtub fun with a warm but refreshing aroma of ho wood oil, tonka absolute, and lemony litsea cubeba oil. It turns the water into a swirling mix of blues, purples, and pinks, making even the most mundane task into something magical.

Coalatree Evolution Hoodie



This hoodie will be your favorite traveler’s must-have item when packing for a trip. It’s lightweight but warm and snuggly, has a zippered pocket on the front to keep important items like passports, phones, and wallets secure, and can pack into the zippered pocket to take up less space or to make a nifty travel pillow. It’s made of a combination of used coffee grounds melted down with recycled plastic bottles to make a fiber that’s water-repellant, odor-resistant, sustainable, and dries quickly when washed. Coalatree also believes in giving back to their community, making blankets for the homeless out of surplus fabric and sponsoring wilderness programs for at-risk youth.

Affirmicious Zodiac Affirmation Card Deck



These Zodiac Affirmation Cards are based on the unique traits, needs, and energy of each zodiac sign and reinforce positive traits while helping put an end to negative self-talk. They’re scarily accurate for each sign, making me laugh out loud at how much they apply to my practical Capricorn tendencies.

A Sampler Set From MicroPerfumes


Price Varies Depending on Products Selected

MicroPerfumes is a site that sells smaller samples of a wide variety of higher-end fragrances. I love that it allows you to purchase small quantities of some truly luxurious perfumes without the commitment of a large bottle or a trip to an expensive department store. I’ve been dying to try Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry and Frederic Malle’s Carnal Flower but couldn’t justify spending such a large amount of money on a fragrance that may not work with my body chemistry. I ordered a couple of small vials from MicroPerfumes and am in love. You can easily curate a small discovery set from Bond No. 9, Tom Ford, or Jo Malone and help your bestie discover their new signature scent. They’re also really useful when traveling.

Honeydew Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow


$99 Queen Size

I’ve been a fan of down pillows for a long time and couldn’t imagine using anything else until the Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow caught my eye. It has a unique curved shape designed to support your neck and shoulders, has a wide ribbon that helps the pillow keep its shape and prevents it from flattening, and has a special Copper-infused foam that stays cooler than memory foam and is antibacterial, so your pillow stays fresh. It also has a hidden zipper that allows you to personalize the filling to your desired height. What’s better than the gift of good sleep?

The Patch Brand Vitamin Patches Variety Pack



The Patch Brand vitamin patches deliver vitamin blends through your skin to help you get the purist form of vitamins without any of the fillers in ingestible versions. They’re free from latex, parabens, gluten, and animal products and release the blends evenly as you wear them. They have blends for Sleep, Focus, Stress Relief, Immunity, and Energy and really work. I use the Sleep and Immunity formulas and appreciate that they don’t have sugar like chewable gummies.

Green Philosophy Co. Lil’ Pop Succulent Pillow



Who needs flowers that die when you can surprise someone with this adorable succulent pillow? It’s plump and snuggly and adds a touch of bloom to any space. Green Philosophy Co. plants three trees for every pillow purchased, so you can feel good about your purchase, and your loved one doesn’t have to worry about keeping it alive.

Otherland The Mini Set Candle Collection



Otherland was founded by Abigail Cook Stone, a former art buyer for Ralph Lauren who wanted to marry art, design, and fragrance to create an immersive experience at home. Tired of overpriced candles that looked the same, her goal was to craft striking candles with rich scents that were affordable. Otherland candles are some of the most beautiful candles I’ve used, featuring unique artwork and magical scents. The Mini Set samples all five of their signature scents in 2.3 oz votives packaged in a beautiful gift box.

Pleasing The Perfect Polish Set



Harry Styles founded his new beauty brand, Pleasing, to make people feel good and to dispel the myth of a binary existence. The Perfect Polish Set has four shades that can transform into several different looks. Perfect Pearl is a pearlized white with a glossy finish, Pearly Tops is clear with a subtle iridescence and matte finish, Inky Pearl is a pearlescent black with a deep blue radiance and glossy finish, and Granny’s Pink Pearls is a pearlescent pink with a glossy finish. The bottles are little works of art themselves, and the kit comes with a set of alphabet decals to personalize your look.

Color Changing Love Potion Cocktail Kit



This set is stocked with tools, ingredients, and recipes to craft captivating cocktails invented by master mixologist Natalka Burian. The kit comes with a beaker-shaped jigger, dried lavender, and the sorcerer’s secret: an enchanting herbal blend that makes your drinks burst into swirling colors of blue, purple, and fuchsia. Throw in a bottle of one of the spirits needed for a gift anyone would enjoy. There are even non-alcoholic options for those of us who don’t drink.

Pat McGrath Love & Lust Gloss Duo



This duo of mini lip glosses contains best-selling shades Love & Lust Gloss in Flesh 6 and Love & Lust Gloss in Flesh Fantasy packaged in romantic heart-shaped vials. The colors are subtle nude shades and the gloss is a gel-meets-balm formula, imparting a non-sticky shine while nourishing lips.

Cleverfy Shower Steamers



As nice as a long soak in the tub can be, I usually hop in the shower since it’s faster and I don’t have to worry about cleaning the tub before or after. Cleverfy Shower Steamers are perfect little luxuries when you’re getting ready for work in the morning or winding down after a long day. You just toss one in the corner of your shower to transform your mundane shower into a steam room at a fancy spa. The different blends can help you relax, help you breathe better, or get you pumped on a dreary Monday.

Bags + Stella Lifestyle Sets


Various Prices

I have a huge crush on Bags + Stella’s line of beautiful home products. Founded in San Francisco by Brennen Ogawa, they add a clean California vibe to any space. Their terrazzo candles have containers that you actually want to reuse once your candle has burned out, and the room sprays are minimalist with chic bamboo tops. The travel candles are easy to pack in your suitcase to turn even the mustiest hotel room into a relaxing oasis. The brand is Queer, Asian, and Woman Co-Owned and aims to use all-natural and sustainable materials from local and regional artisans. The name comes from Brennen’s two adorable French Bulldogs, which only makes me love the company more. I feel relaxed but classy when I use their products.

Klasse14 Volare Rainbow Mesh Watch



The Volare Rainbow Mesh Watch has a rainbow iridescence that elevates the simple and practical into something fun. The colorful shimmer is very subtle, so it can easily transition from work to the weekend. It’s an interesting juxtaposition of minimalism and whimsy.

Cincha Travel Belt



The Cincha is a wonderful gift for your friend who loves to travel. An elastic band slips over the handle of a rolling suitcase and allows you to securely attach any bag to the top, making the mad dash through the airport so much easier. There are different colors and patterns, so it’s easy to find an option for even the pickiest fashionista. You can even customize the design by having initials added. Cincha also donates 100 airline miles for every belt purchased to Miles4Migrants, a non-profit dedicated to reuniting and relocating families who have been separated by wars, disasters, or persecution.