Get Fit with These Stylish Activity Trackers

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It seems that if you want to keep track of your health and wellness, you’d have to sacrifice style and strap on a boxy watch or clip something onto your clothes. But thanks to these brands, that’s not the case.

Chic and sleek activity trackers that actually add to your outfit while enhancing your health are few and far between, but we’ve tracked (pun intended) them down.

Pair any of these accessories with your smart device for an upgraded look and life.

1. Swarovski Activity Crystal from Misfit

This leather-like wraparound bracelet is lined with crystals, but the main attraction is the Swarovski Activity Crystal in the center, which automatically tracks steps, distance, calories, and light and restful sleep, $169.

2. Q by Fossil

Whether you want a classic looking leather watch, a sleek bracelet or a high-tech timepiece, Fossil’s Q line has you covered. These accessories track your activity and keep you connected by alerting your of texts. You can also access apps like Facebook, from $75.

3. Calder by WiseWear

We’d buy this chunky bangle even if it didn’t have smart technology. Not only does it monitor your activity, it also features a panic button that can alert your pre-saved emergency contacts and sends notifications from your phone. The design resembles links and comes in gold, silver, and rose made of precious metals like 18k gold and palladium, $325.

4. Ear-o-smart

With Ear-o-smart’s DIY kit, any studs can become smart earrings. Or, you can purchase their pre-built pair. Whichever you go with, they track your movement, calories and heart rate. While they aren’t out yet, we’ve already made room in our jewelry boxes for them, TBD.

5. Belty by Emiota

Keep your pants in place and your health on track with this yet-to-be-released belt. This classic leather accessory is timeless yet up-to-date thanks to innovative technology that allows you to interact with it. However, we don’t recommend talking to your crotch in public, that would be weird, from $395.

6. Leaf by Bellabeat

The Bellabeat Leaf is a sleep, activity and menstruation monitor that helps you cope with stress via built-in breathing exercises. The purchase includes a chain and a leather strap so you can wear the accessory as a necklace or bracelet, depending on the day, your outfit or your mood, $149.