5 Mac Shortcuts that Make Everything Easier

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Everyone knows the basic computer keyboard shortcuts, and they can come in handy every day. But your Mac has a few more tricks up its sleeve than your classic Command+C (copy) and Command+V (paste). Here are 5 extremely useful Mac shortcuts that many people do not know about that you can use to make everything easier.

1. Command+Tab

This handy shortcut allows you to switch easily and quickly between open applications. Press Tab only once to immediately switch to your most recently used application, or hold Command while pressing Tab more than once to cycle through all the applications you currently have open.

2. Shift+Command+Brackets

This might be my all-time favorite shortcut that most people do not know about. By holding down the Shift and Command keys, you can press the left and right bracket keys to make between tabs on your internet browser. When you have lots of tabs open and they get smaller and smaller, this is the perfect way to browse your sites in a quick and easy way.

3. Command+Arrows

When writing an article like this one, it can be annoying to switch back and forth from the keyboard to a mouse or trackpad. This shortcut takes you to the edge of whatever you are writing. Command+Left/Right immediately put the cursor at the beginning or end of the line you are on, while Command+Up/Down bring you to the beginning or end of the entire text area.

4. Command+Control+D

Do you ever find yourself reading something online and unsure of a particular word’s meaning? If so, try positioning your cursor over the word and pressing Command+Control+D. The full dictionary definition of the word will instantly pop up, without you having to open the dictionary application or Dictionary.com.

5. Command+Shift+I

If you are an avid link-sharer, this is for you. Sharing links via email is always fun and a great way to share content with friends. Next time you are looking at a website you want to share, press Command+Shift+I and watch as the Mail app automatically opens and creates an email draft with the link you are viewing in the body of the email. Now that is a neat trick!