Spot App Review (iOS): Finding Hot Spots

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Spot App Review (iOS): Finding Hot Spots

There’s only so many “location” apps you can use at any given time. All of them try to offer something different, but in the end, they’re competing with Yelp or Tripadvisor, which have some of the biggest userbases in the app space. That lack of support with Spot kind of drags it down a bit.

In general when browsing a popular app like Yelp, you can see hundreds of reviews and opinions, sift through them, and make a decision for yourself. With Spot, you can’t really do that. That’s in part because it’s a new experience, but also because it doesn’t really allow that in-house. For the most part, Spot’s highlights or reviews are sponsored or professional, and only offer a select few viewpoints. This is all accessed by logging in, mind, with a Facebook account or a separate email address.

Spot 1 app.jpg

From there, you can quite simply browse close locations by category, which includes food, coffee, drinks, and stores that are “open now.” Immediately after loading up suggested spots I saw a few familiar places and several locations that I’ve never been to, so mission accomplished there. Clicking one brings up a nice, clean UI, with a social network to boot that’s in-house, a favorite system, location information (hours, phone number, and website) and the aforementioned professional reviews.

The idea of getting embroiled with yet another social network on top of the lack of diverse opinions will probably turn off most people who are enticed by Spot, which is a shame. it takes some digging, but the interface is well done and over time, it could be a contender in this space. For now, it needs work.

You can download the Spot app for free in the iTunes App Store.