Streamline Calendar App Review (iOS): Perhaps Too Streamlined

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Streamline Calendar App Review (iOS): Perhaps Too Streamlined

I seldom use the calendar function on my phone, mostly because the interface is so cumbersome. Siri support has helped in some regard, but ultimately, I just write upcoming events in my notepad, constantly checking throughout the day. Streamline Calendar seeks to ease that pain a bit, but ultimately, it’s nothing to write home about—at least when you take the app’s premium pricing into account.

Setting up Streamline is pretty simple, as I was asked to allow it access to my core calendar, and within a few seconds I was off and running. The main gist is that it allows you to easily see every event with a zoomed-out view. This is capped by a UI that’s fairly pleasing to the eye, with a set of white and aqua hues that make everything easy to read.

Streamline’s concept is to allow you to switch between a hourly, daily, and weekly view at will by tapping the bottom of the screen, and it works as advertised. Hourly view displays 15 minutes at a time, and daily has an hourly view. Got it? Good, because that’s about all you’re getting.

There’s no interface to allow for easy invites or contacting individuals based on events, nor is there a informative monthly view. Touching a magnifying glass, which you would think would bring up a search, only toggles the view interface on or off.

I really like that holidays are automatically integrated, whereas they show up as dots on the default calendar, but that’s really as far as advanced features go for Streamline. Furthermore, the sleek way that the different calendar views move in parallax with each other is pretty unique. You can tell that it was made with this particular user interface design in mind, not so much how someone might actually want to use a calendar like this in their day-to-day lives.

Considering some of the more fleshed out competitors such as Fantastical or Sunrise, Streamline isn’t a major set-up from any other option out there. If it gets some big updates that might change, but at launch I can really only recommend it to those of you who want a very basic calendar with an interesting visual twist.

Streamline is an iOS app that can be downloaded for $3.99 in the iTunes App Store.