Super App (iOS/Android): Visualized Social Media Review

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Super App (iOS/Android): Visualized Social Media Review

These days it’s tough to keep your opinion to yourself. Whether it’s a long-winded Facebook post or a short Tweet, venting is often good for the soul and in moderation it probably won’t annoy your friends. Super makes it easier to share them in a safe and welcoming way, even if the app feels unnecessary after roughly 15 minutes.

The gist of Super is to view quick photo-heavy posts with very little text and read people’s opinions or post your own. It was made by one of the co-founders of Twitter, After a quick sign-up process that basically involves your email and a password, you’re in. In terms of search functionality, Super pretty much does it all. You can search for “everyone,” “friends,” “nearby” or just look for anything by way of a keyword.

For instance typing in “Bill Murray” will return a host of results, most of which deal with how awesome Bill Murray is. It’s basically channel surfing with pictures and opinions delivered in a very slick manner. Everything from the high-res quality of the pictures to the font and colors are eye-catching, and you’ll almost forget that you’re looking at someone’s lunch Instagram.

Super 1.jpg

If you’re keen to share your own, you can select from topics like “I love,” “check out,” or “imagine if” to create your post, then add a signature and picture to it. It’s incredibly simple and can get pretty addicting if you have nothing to do. Some clever uses I’ve seen from Super also involve things like advertising, where restaurant owners will post “The Best place to eat in London” with a snazzy picture of their restaurant.

All in all the app does feel pointless in many ways, but so are a lot of things in the all-inclusive mobile era. If you like flipping through pictures and wasting time without all of the drama of other social networks, Super does what it sets out to do.

Super is an iOS and Android app that can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.