5 Apple Watch 2 Rumors We Want to See Proven at WWDC

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5 Apple Watch 2 Rumors We Want to See Proven at WWDC

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (otherwise known as WWDC) kicks off on June 13. You know what that means? Historically, it means we get to learn more about new OSes for various Apple products, and often gain some insight into future hardware revisions that arrive later in the year. A prime candidate for a substantial hardware upgrade is the Apple Watch. It’s had a reasonably strong first year, but there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Here’s a look at some of the more significant Apple Watch 2 rumors that will hopefully be proven right come WWDC.

1. A release date

Regardless of what the Apple Watch 2 might involve, it’s fairly obvious that it’s going to happen one day. One big hope is that a release date is announced at WWDC. Tying into rumors about the iPhone 7’s release date, it looks fairly likely that the two products will be launched at the same time in September.

It ties into the usual Apple launch cycle, and September is the traditional month for an iPhone launch. What better time could there be to update the Apple Watch selection too?

2. A new and practical wristband


This might not just be for Apple Watch 2 owners, but if it happens, it’s sure to launch at the same time. Earlier this year, Apple applied for a patent that suggests they’ve got big plans for the regular wristband. Simply called Magnetic wristband, the strap looks like it’ll be great for easily attaching to your wrist, as well as potentially doubling as a stand.

Due to its configuration, diagrams make it look like you could wrap it around the watch as a form of protection while in transit. You’ll also be able to manipulate it to form a kind of nightstand, further adding to the Watch’s practicality.

3. Less clunky, more stylish?


The Apple Watch might be a cool gadget but it’s fairly chunky and already looks quite dated and cumbersome. Is it time for a change of form? That’s what senior analyst, Brian White, reckons is going to happen.

His thinking is that the Apple Watch 2 could be 20-40% thinner than the current one. Other rumors suggest that the watch face might be more stylish too, benefiting from a rounder shape design that is sure to look better than the current rectangular design.

4. Cellular connectivity


From June 1 onwards, all Apple Watch apps must be native apps, meaning that they can run without the need for an iPhone by its side. That’s a significant shift from the previous method in which Apple Watches are dependent on your smartphone. Is this a sign that the Apple Watch 2 will bring with it cellular connectivity? The Wall Street Journal seems to think that’s the case.

The Apple Watch doesn’t have its own GPS capabilities, relying on your iPhone. Is this time for the Apple Watch to be able to go it alone, courtesy of cellular connectivity? It’d be a huge addition to the smartwatch’s capabilities.

5. A substantial hardware boost


Concept image courtesy of Handy-AboveGleich.

Apple is well known for its bevy of incremental hardware improvements. The Apple Watch 2 is almost certainly going to enjoy a new and faster CPU. Hopefully, it’ll also be more efficient, therefore boosting the current device’s mediocre battery life.

Could it go further though? WatchOS2 brought FaceTime audio call support to the smartwatch. Could the Apple Watch 2 include a small camera, thereby providing full FaceTime support to users? It’s certainly a strong possibility with TechCrunch crediting an anonymous source that reinforces it.