5 Great New Apple Watch Features Coming in watchOS 2

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On Monday, Apple announced watchOS 2, the next version of the Apple Watch operating system that will add a slew of new features and functionality. While the six week old Apple Watch has been getting mixed reviews, these new features, which will be released in the fall, will make the watch way better and more user friendly.

Here are the top five new features coming in watchOS 2:

1. Native Apps


With the brand new WatchKit, apps will be able to run natively on the Apple Watch as opposed to communicating and relying on the iPhone to get its the data.

Developers will have access to the watch’s hardware sensors and components to incorporate into third party apps. This means they can use the Digital Crown, taptic engine heart rate sensor, speaker, microphone, and accelerometer to their liking. Apps will be also be able to play audio and video like Vine clips.

2. Activation Lock


The way it is now, thieves can restore a stolen Apple Watch to factory settings very easy. With watchOS 2, Apple has stepped up its security and will now require the user to enter their iCloud account and password in order to reset the Apple Watch.

3. Customized Watch Faces


You can now use your own pictures in the background of your watch face or you can select an album and you’ll see a different picture every time you check the time. Also included are five time-lapse faces from various cities around the world like New York and London.

Users will also be able to add their own complications to their watch faces like flight times, sport scores, and more.

4. Time Travel


Time Travel is an easy way to see what you have going on in the future. If you have a calendar complication on your watch face, then you can use the Digital Crown to move forward in time to see what events you have going on later in the day or you can rewind to see what you had earlier. This also works with weather but unfortunately, not stocks

5. Nightstand Mode


You can transform your Apple Watch into an alarm clock when you are charging it. While it’s plugged in and on its side, the Digital Crown serves as a snooze button and the side button is to turn your alarm off.