8 Apple Watch Features We Want to See in the Future

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Apple released their first update for the Apple earlier this week, which added performance improvements and bug fixes. However, it didn’t add any new features Apple Watch owners have been wanting since the launch last month.

With WWDC around the corner, there are rumors that a significant update is in the works and will be released around the time of the conference. Here are ten things Apple Watch features we’d like to see added in the future.

1. Notification Sounds

As of now, there is only one notification sound on the Apple Watch. This means every text message, ESPN update, and Instagram like will result in the same notification sound so you won’t know the difference until you actually check your watch. I want to be able to change the sound like you do on the iPhone so I know if it’s an important text message or just the end of the basketballl game.

2. Podcasts

There’s a music app to control your music but there isn’t a way to play podasts. A native podcast app would be great but for now, Overcast is undeniably superb and is one of the top apps available for the Apple Watch out there.

3. Reminders

The omission of the Reminder app is one that baffes me. It would be great to be able to look at your shopping list while you’re at the market but nope, no can do. You are able to add reminders via Siri but there is no way to check them on your watch so you would still need to pull out your iPhone.

4. Replying to emails

With Siri, you are able to add remidners, compose and reply to text messages but you are unable to dictate e-mails. I am not sure why Apple did not allow dictation in their native email app because it would be great to answer quick emails while you are on the go.


5. Side button setting

As of right now, pushing the side button pulls up your “Favorites” list but I would like to change that because I don’t really acces that list often. I want to be change it so it easily open an app I use frequently like Overcast or Twitter.

6. Sleep Tracking

So far, the activity tracker has been great. I like being able to see how many steps I take throughout the day but I would Apple to take advantage of the motion sensors to track when I’m asleep or restless so I can work on those areas as well.

7. Voice Recorder

It would be awesome to be able to record voice memos on your Apple Watch because you can do it anywhere. Imagine being able to record your thoughts while you are driving and then coming back to them on your iPhone when you get home.

8. Watch Faces

The Apple Watch came with ten different watch faces. However, you aren’t able to add custom faces nor are developers able to create their own and add them to the App Store. I’d love to see Apple open this open so that we could have all sorts of different watch faces.