10 Great Apps for Last Minute Christmas Planning

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10 Great Apps for Last Minute Christmas Planning

There’s not much time left till Christmas, and there’s still plenty that needs doing. We’ve all been there. Christmas crunch time is when you’re in need of some guidance, time-saving tips and more hours in the day than are possible. Find five minutes in your hectic schedule to check out our selection of apps guaranteed to save you some hassle.

1. Clear ($4.99)
clear_last.jpgOrganizing your life is everything at the moment. Finding time to wrap all the presents, put some last minute decorations up, and coordinate meeting up with friends and family, requires military style precision. Clear is the to-do list app that will help you with it all. It takes seconds to add what needs doing, focusing on simplicity and an intuitive interface. You won’t have to worry about spending long getting things set up.

2. Evernote (Free)
evernote_last.jpgAnother way of staying organized is through Evernote. The app isn’t just a place to create to-do lists, offering storage space for note taking, photo snapping and so much more. Your brain is feeling muddled by now, and Evernote is the ideal place to dump all that overflowing information. It should help you keep on top of life for a bit longer.

3. GiftPlanner (Free)
giftplanner_last.jpgFor a more focused to-do list, GiftPlanner is perfect. You can use it to keep track of what gifts you’re sending to people, and how far along you are in the process. You can easily store order and tracking details, scan barcodes to keep on top of things, and even consult countdown timers too. Budgeting is also accounted for here, ensuring you know exactly what’s going on.

4. Amazon (Free)
amazon_last.jpgRealized you didn’t buy a gift for that obscure relative you forgot all about? Amazon should be able to save the day. The site offers millions of different products, with the app making it easy to browse and search for them wherever you are. Price comparisons are possible via a barcode scanning feature, plus if you’ve got Prime membership, delivery will be speedy.

5. Postmates (Free)
postmates_last.jpgWant everything delivered to your door? Postmates is the app for you. You can use it to place an order from any restaurant or local store, and someone will go pick it up for you. It’s ideal for when you’re in a rush. Whether you want a quick dinner to show up, or a last minute gift, this app has you covered.

6. Minibar (Free)
minibar_last.jpgFor many, Christmas and New Year is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a refreshing wine or tasty beer. Minibar will deliver your favorite alcohol to your door. In select cities, it offers one-hour delivery, with shipping also available elsewhere. With wine descriptions and expert recommendations also included, it’s ideal for the avid party host.

7. Instacart (Free)
instacart_last.jpgForgot that crucial ingredient for your family meal? Really don’t want to face the snow or crowds? Instacart will deliver your groceries in as little as an hour. You can order from stores such as Whole Foods, Costco, Target, and Petco, with the app serving over 25 cities across the US. It’s ideal all year round, but it’s even better when times are hectic.

8. Epicurious (Free)
epicurious_last.jpgStill not sure what to cook for the hungry hordes descending on your home? Epicurious is a convenient all rounder app. It’ll provide you with a wealth of recipe ideas, as well as videos to guide you through the paces. A smart timer function means you won’t under or overcook anything too.

9. Jamie Oliver’s Recipes (Free)
jamieoliver_last.jpgFor an extra helping hand with cooking ideas, Jamie Oliver’s Recipe is always worth looking at. Each week, it offers 15 seasonal recipes, proving ideal for this festive time of year. Alongside that are how-to guides, videos, and a shopping list feature. It should remove plenty of the effort and worry involved in cooking.

10. Hallmark eCards (Free)
hallmark_last.jpgForgot to send a Christmas card to someone, and now it’s too late? Use Hallmark eCards to send a greeting from your iPhone. You can create an animated wish, as well as send free stickers in iMessage conversations. Sending is conducted via Facebook, email or within the app, and you can even schedule when to send them out.