Decision 2016: 10 Apps to Help Keep You Informed About the Election

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Decision 2016: 10 Apps to Help Keep You Informed About the Election

In case you’d somehow not noticed, there’s a rather significant election coming up. With a near overwhelming amount of information out there, various different news apps are an ideal source of gleaning such knowledge.

While everyone might know about the likes of CNN and Fox News, we take a look at 10 of the best apps for a slightly different take on news and politics.

1. BuzzFeed News (Free)

buzzfeed.jpgOver the years, BuzzFeed has become quite a reputable source of news and long form journalism. Sure, there’s a plethora of cat GIFs out there too, but that’s why BuzzFeed News exists – it’s an app that focuses solely on the most interesting and important stories from around the world. Hand picked by its editors, it’s sure to give you some compelling insight into a world you might not have explored before.

2. Nuzzel (Free)

nuzzel.jpgNuzzel offers two ways of learning about interesting stories. Connect it to your Twitter account, and it retrieves all the news stories your friends are sharing. Alternatively, browse feeds of news covering various topics and communities, for a more varied approach. It’s an interesting twist on a familiar format.

3. SmartNews (Free)

smartnews.jpgAnalyzing millions of articles each day, SmartNews breaks things down to the top trending news from around the world. With a streamlined interface, it’s quick to get to grips with, providing you with numerous categories to browse, as well as the choice to read offline. It’s ideal for users keen to know a little bit about everything.

4. US Elections 2016 (Free)

uselections.jpgAs the name suggests, this is a news app entirely focused on the US Election. Its news feed provides all the top political stories from major US news sources, plus you can browse for debates, interviews and media appearances. You can choose to focus on specific topics of interest too.

5. All Politics (Free)

allpolitics_680.jpgAnother app with a focus on the election, All Politics offers aggregated content with news from Politico, Fox, MSNBC and many other sources. Alongside that are options to listen to talk radio, political satire and cartoons, as well as the ability to participate in live discussions.

6. US Politics News (Free)

uspolitics.jpgCovering all US politics, meaning it’ll be just as important this time next year, US Politics News offers a clean interface, listing various different news stories for the politics addict. The app enables you to prioritize the most important stories for you, as well as block unwanted sources. A curated YouTube channel is also available for those who want to watch rather than read.

7. Countable (Free)

countable_680.jpgCountable gives you insight into how your representative votes on various issues. You can see precisely how they align, before being able to submit a video message or vote to them so they know how you feel. Alongside that are summaries of legislation as well as unbiased arguments for and against, so you can be instantly informed on important issues.

8. PollTracker (Free)

polltracker.jpgEvery day seems to bring a new opinion poll. PollTracker makes it simple to keep up with such things. You can use it to get up-to-the-minute data on the key issues for the presidential campaign as well as US senate. Brief overviews as well as detailed looks are available meaning you’re constantly kept informed. For the political stats fan, it’s a dream come true.

9. Voter (Free)

voter.jpgStill undecided about who to vote for? Voter offers a Tinder style interface with you swiping through how you feel about various issues. In a matter of moments, it’ll come up with suggestions as to which politician matches your views most accurately. It highlights where each politician’s funding comes from, too. Even if you’re set on who to vote for, it’s an interesting experiment.

10. Settle It! (Free)

Isettleit.jpgn news that will surprise no one, not all politicians are entirely honest. Settle It! makes it easy to check facts and determine what’s really happening. A Truth-O-Meter offers ratings according to person or subject, meaning you’ll instantly know who’s most likely to be speaking truthfully on an issue.