Get Lost in Virtual Reality with These 10 Essential Apps

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Get Lost in Virtual Reality with These 10 Essential Apps

Virtual Reality is seemingly here to stay. While it’s revolutionizing gaming, providing a much more immersive experience than anyone has seen before, it’s also contributing a lot to the app world. A growing number of apps now provide VR support and many are free.

We’ve rounded up 10 essential apps for enjoying virtual reality on your phone.

1. Google Cardboard (Free)

gcardboard.jpgGoogle Cardboard viewers are a great and inexpensive way to get involved in virtual reality. It stands to reason then the Google Cardboard app is a great starting point in your VR journey. The app helps you set up a viewer, enjoy a brief hike through iconic cities, and even create your own flower garden. It’s a great starter package.

2. YouTube (Free)

youtubevr.jpgEveryone knows that YouTube has a wealth of great video content, but it’s also good for VR creations too. You can use it to check out the newest and best VR-ready videos on the platform, experiencing some great 360 degree videos. The content is sure to only grow, too.

3. Within (Free)

within.jpgWithin promises to offer the best VR content out there. It provides popular content like Catatonic, a creepy experience in which you’re trapped in an insane asylum. There’s also the Mr. Robot virtual reality experience which ties into the show, and allows you to become part of a key moment in the main character’s history. With a focus on storytelling, the app should be great fun.

4. Discovery VR (Free)

discoveryvr.jpgDiscovery VR gives you the opportunity to explore new places and ideas. You can go underwater and check out shark infested shipwrecks, or you can try out mountain biking and surfing. There’s exclusive content from Discovery shows such as Gold Rush, Survivorman and MythBusters. Plus, survival tips and tricks are also provided just in case you end up in a real situation.

5. Google Street View (Free)

streetview.jpgGoogle Street View is a huge help for anyone scouting a new area, trying to find an address, or simply being nosy. VR support means you can enjoy a 360 degree view of everything going on around you. It’s an immersive experience and one that’s great if you’ve ever wanted to check somewhere distant out.

6. NYT VR (Free)

nytvr.jpg The New York Times created an app that lets you be right at the center of news stories they tell. Instead of just reading about an event, you can dive into the experience, gaining a 360 degree view of what’s unfolding. It’s sure to make the story feel more hard hitting, whether it’s climbing the spire of the World Trade Center or embedding with Iraqi forces. New content is added monthly.

7. Relax VR ($1.99)

relaxvr.jpgWant a more serene and relaxing VR experience? Relax VR might be the perfect place for you. Simply select a delightful scene and then choose to meditate or take in the beauty around you. Scenes include places within Australia, Portugal and the Philippines, meaning you can escape to the beach any time you want.

8. Jaunt VR (Free)

jaunt.jpgJaunt offers over 100 premium and cinematic virtual reality experiences. You can use it to watch shows and events such as ESPN Gameday, VR documentaries like Inside Syria by ABC News, as well as Paul McCartney concerts and other music. With a wealth of interesting content, it’s sure to feel like a portal to a new world of entertainment.

9. VR mojo Orbulus Special Edition (Free)

vrmojo.jpgWant to travel the world or stand on Mars? Those are some of the options available through VR mojo Orbulus. The app allows you to do a little bit of everything, including experiencing New Year fireworks on Hong Kong Harbor, checking out the Northern Lights or discovering the Salt Flats. It’s simple to use and entirely free.

10. VeeR VR (Free)

veer.jpgOne of the newest apps for VR, VeeR VR is a global community meaning it provides a handpicked selection of the best VR content out there. You don’t need a VR headset but it helps, allowing you to check out a wealth of videos from around the world. Games as well as scenery-based videos are provided, plus it’s easy to share them with others.