Organize Your Life With These 10 Great To-Do List Apps

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Organize Your Life With These 10 Great To-Do List Apps

Organizing one’s life is rarely an easy thing to do. In theory, it’s simple, but sure enough, you end up with a seemingly never ending list of things to do, and no clue where to start. Luckily, there are plenty of apps out there to help you along the way.

We’ve narrowed things down to the 10 best To-Do list apps, so you can scratch one thing off your list.

1. Wunderlist (Free)
wunderlist.jpgWanderlust is quite stylish while also remaining effortlessly minimalistic to negotiate. The app makes it quick and easy to add new items, set due dates and reminders, as well as share such lists with friends and family. Widget support means you can quickly glance at what you need to do, plus there’s peek & pop functionality for iPhone 6s owners. You’ll feel fully in control.

2. Todoist (Free)
todoist.jpgSimple yet powerful, Todoist is ideal for those quick reminders about groceries, as well as more extensive tasks. A labelling and filtering system means you can use it to juggle your work commitments alongside your personal tasks. An overview of the day and the week to come makes it easy to prioritize what needs to be done and when. You can share lists with others, too.

3. Trello (Free)
trello.jpgOfficially, Trello is a project management tool but it’s ideal for when you’re trying to organize your family. You can create boards to organize different parts of life, before adding checklists and tasks. A commenting feature, as well as the option to add photos and videos ensures that you can keep on top of everything, from the weekly grocery list to a big family occasion.

4. Do! (Free)
do.jpgWith a focus on simplicity, Do! prides itself on an intuitive layout. You can use it much like a notepad, writing down what needs doing before crossing items off. And who can resist the satisfaction of drawing a line through a completed task? Widget support, as well as backup functionality means Do! is no slouch in that department either.

5. (Free)
anydo.jpgClearly laid out, offers extensive syncing support. You can use cloud sync to switch seamlessly between your iPhone, iPad, and desktop setup, meaning you always know what’s going on. Gesture support offers drag and drop functionality, with a shake to remove completed tasks from your list. Auto suggestions make things even speedier.

6. Be Focused (Free)
befocused.jpgBe Focused appreciates it’s easy to get distracted. It breaks up individual tasks, working out how many intervals you want to have between them, before setting you to work. Giving you insight into how long it’ll take to get things done, it’s ideal for those who work well when given numerous short breaks in between.

7. Clear ($4.99)
clear.jpgClear might cost more than most apps on this list, but it’s worth it. Stylishly simplistic, it offers a gesture-based design that makes it easy to get organized. You can set up separate lists, dividing up different parts of your life, before personalizing them with your own choice of themes. Sync support means you can always switch to your Mac too.

8. Things ($9.99)
things.jpgFor the power user, Things is a pretty great solution. The app is simple yet feature-rich. Users can list all the tasks they need to perform, before assigning them to a day or week. At all times, it’s easy to see what needs doing right now, what’s coming up, and what’s scheduled for later. Different projects and areas of responsibility ensure you can divide work from home. Repeating tasks can also be assigned.

9. Remember the Milk (Free)
milk.jpgThe most original name on the list, Remember the Milk focuses on speed and efficiency. Simply list everything you need to do and the app does the rest. It’ll remind you via numerous methods, such as email, text, Twitter, and IM, making it easy to share lists with other users. Integrating with Gmail, Evernote, and more is a great advantage too.

10. Habitica (Free)
habitica_680.jpgWant to make completing your to-do list into a game? That’s the thinking behind Habitica, an RPG and a task management list all rolled into one. It has a focus on building good habits and forming daily goals, but its to-do list feature is also useful. You can check off tasks while leveling up, and unlocking new features such as armor and pets. It’s a fun way of tackling the tedious things in life.