The 10 Apps You Need for Super Bowl Sunday

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The 10 Apps You Need for Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl LI is this weekend and odds are you’re celebrating in some way. Whether it’s through watching the game with a bunch of friends, or hosting a big party, you’re going to need the assistance of a few convenient apps.

We’ve got 10 apps that are great for kicking off your party with aplomb or simply keeping you informed when it comes to all the game’s action.

1. Fox Sports GO (Free)

foxsportsgo.jpgIn an unusually generous move, the Fox Sports GO app is allowing you to stream the Super Bowl live to your iOS device. That means no need to worry about subscription fees, or being near a big TV. It’s ideal if you’re stuck away from home and you still want to watch the big game.

2. Team Stream (Free)

teamstream.jpgWant to keep informed on everything about your team? Whether you’re a Patriots fan or a Falcons enthusiast, Team Stream will keep you up-to-date with all the latest news and stories. It works for all other sports teams too, tying into the content that Bleacher Report provides on its website.

3. Fox Sports VR (Free)

foxsportsvr.jpgWant to feel like you’re really there? Fox Sports VR lets you. Sort of. The app gives you a virtual ticket to a stadium suite, where you can watch the game in a VR environment. You don’t require a cardboard VR viewer but it’ll enhance what you see. Expect highlights rather than all the action, but it’s an amusing distraction.

4. Atlanta Falcons (Free)

atlanta.jpgFalcons fan? The official team app should keep you happy then. It offers exclusive content, on-demand video clips, as well as all the latest news about the team. Photos and podcasts, along with real-time statistics to complete the extensive package. You can catch up on all the past scores and head-to-head stats of player matchups so you know what to expect from the game.

5. New England Patriots (Free)

newengland.jpgDon’t worry, Patriots fans, you’ve got your own app too. Offering a similar experience to the Falcons app, you can check out all the latest news and videos from the team. As well as that comes live video press conferences, radio, along with the obligatory stats and roster details.

6. NFL (Free)

nfl.jpgThe official NFL app should keep you entertained, even when it’s not game time. The app offers up-to-the-minute scoring, in-game highlights and all the latest news and stories from all 32 teams in the NFL. You can track stats for everything imaginable, as well as watch video on demand. If you subscribe to NFL Game Pass, you can watch replays of every game, too.

7. BigOven (Free)

8. Epicurious (Free)

bigoven_680.jpgSuper Bowl Sunday isn’t just about the game. Seriously. It’s also about the food you eat while you’re watching, and the company you enjoy. BigOven is a cookery app for every occasion imaginable, meaning it’s ideal for finding some great ideas for party cooking. With over 350,000 recipes and an easily accessible search tool, you’re sure to find a delicious idea or two here

epicurious.jpgWant some more food ideas? Give Epicurious a shot. The app adds new content every day meaning there’s always something new to check out. A Recipe Box function means you can save your favorites for later consultation, making it ideal for planning ahead. You can use the search function to divide things up according to appetizers or sides too, being ideal for party plans.

9. UberEATS (Free)

ubereats_680.jpgDon’t want to cook your own food? Or head out to a store to pick up more snacks? UberEATS lets you choose from over a hundred restaurants in your city, before delivering to your door within minutes. It works via the Uber network meaning there’s always a willing driver nearby.

10. Grubhub (Free)

grubhub.jpgAs an alternative to UberEATS, Grubhub does a similar job. Simply enter whatever snack or takeout food you fancy eating, and you can easily order it from a nearby location. You can pay via Apple Pay, PayPal or credit card, before having your food delivered to you. A ratings and reviews system means you know exactly what to expect, too.