Up Coffee is an App That Tracks Your Caffeine Intake Because Yes, You're Addicted

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At this point, in all of the exercise app kingdom’s infinite wisdom, it’s still tough to really set anything on auto-pilot. Although there are bands now that can track your sleep patterns and your physical engagement, technology just isn’t to the point where it can accurately track your calorie and caffeine intake. So for now the next best thing is to input it into a sophisticated calculator of sorts, and Up Coffee can assist with the latter.

Pretty much everyone is addicted to some form of caffeine. Some less than others, but odds are you drink tea, coffee, or soda at some point in your day. No matter how small of an addiction you may have, you can track that information and put it into Up Coffee, which will show you how healthy your intake is, as well as a desirable sleep pattern.

Basically, all you do is input your height, gender, and weight, then choose a type of caffeine plug it into the app (with serving size), and Up Coffee will divine a number of graphs and charts to show you what’s going on in your body. Thankfully, no sign-in information is required unless you want to link your Up band, which the app is designed to be integrated with.


The app is pretty comprehensive, as almost every major type of soda is included, as well as some oddball additions like Red Bull and even some types of medicine. Although most of the work is on you to actually input everything, Up Coffee does a decent job of actually compiling that information into something that’s easy to read.

Up Coffee most likely isn’t going to change your world, but it’s a helpful way of tracking your caffeine patterns. Although every person is different and it’s not an exact science (estimating your “tolerance” to caffeine rarely is), the extra hour or two of sleep you might get back every so often make this one worth a download.

Up Coffee is an iOS app that can be downloaded for free in the App Store.